28 March 2011

Head Cases

(UVEX Urban Bicycle Helmet)

(Giro Me2 Infant Bike Helmet)

First things first: The Giro Me2 Infant Bike Helmet is AAA (adorable, adjustable, & affordable).

Sounds good, right? Well, it sucks! It pulls clumps of the baby's hair out.

I had bought her one last year when we got the buggy trailer. I loved the way it looked and it actually fit because there is an adjustable dial thingy in the back. It was love at first sight. The love faded after wearing the helmet the second or third time. The baby hated it and would scream, I don't blame her, the hook and loop inside holding the cool adjustable dial thingy (YES! The only thing hold the shell to the case is Vel-Cro!) was pulling her hair out in clumps!!
Of course, I returned it to the sporting goods mega store I had purchased it from, without my receipt and reluctantly they exchanged it. Everybody's reasoning, including myself, was this was just a bad seed Giro Me2 Helmet and the company is supposed to have a quality product. ( I read some reviews).
This spring we broke out the replacement helmet and guess what? SAME THING! Yes, second or third time, clumps of hair, baby hates it, etc.

It's really unfortunate, because $29.99 for a helmet that can not be worn is not affordable.

UVEX Urban Bicycle Helmet

I picked this helmet up on the REI outlet website. The option to ship to our local store and pick up for free was very appealing to me. It is comfortable, and was affordable at it's discounted price.
A little piece of cushioned fabric is between the strap and my chin for a little extra bit of comfort. And the simple shape fits my always growing dreaded head.

My biggest complaint thus far is that while checking out at the store the cashier suckered me into buying a membership for 20 bucks, therefore bringing the price of the helmet up to full price.

19 March 2011

To Market, To Market

We just took our first trip to market (and hopefully the last with our current rig). I had one baby-kid on board. The ride over was pleasant and took about 20 mins. The ride back was a little more difficult. I don't know if it was the load was bigger with all the milk, and frozen meats, etc. Or maybe it was mostly up hill. Could have been because it was the second leg of the trip. I am guessing it's all of the above.
Beatrix really wants to be up on the bike, so I held her on the seat of the bike and we pretended she was riding the bike. Later on while the bike was against a chain-linked fence she climbed her way up to the seat and sat there all by herself. I think she would prefer a rear seat instead of the trailer, I almost think I would too.

My saddle was pretty comfortable during the ride. I didn't have any of the pain in my taint
I normally get, however my tailbone is hurting as I write this blogpost.

My biggest complaint is that my right pant leg was ripped after getting caught in the chain. I must find a solution for that soon.

15 March 2011


(photo credits: cafemama)

This has been an excellent week for the MoB Boss. . .

After many hours of shopping the Xtracycle website; several back/forth emails with no less than 3 dudes from Xtracycle; and months of trolling the interwebs for pictures, reviews, anything Xtracycle, my very own Xtracycle is being shipped as of yesterday!! Can you tell how xcited I am?

And kind of like a little initiation into the crew, I also received the stickers I had ordered from cafemama over at One Less Minivan/ Mamabikeorama along with a personal note with words of encouragement.
Cafemama is the ultimate MoBster and you should definitely check out her story (READ: buy some stickers, too). To give you a little insight I will leave you with this wonderful quote...

"I have coined the word "mamabikeorama," and as I write here it is not meant to describe just my own bike with my three boys, the configuration I described. A mamabikeorama is any bicycle that transports parent and child in a manner that is at once liberation and salvation, that gives riders both joy and strength, that will turn heads, give rise to smiles and waves and the occasional shaking fist. Carnival ride and lorry. A magical bike." -cafemama