15 March 2011


(photo credits: cafemama)

This has been an excellent week for the MoB Boss. . .

After many hours of shopping the Xtracycle website; several back/forth emails with no less than 3 dudes from Xtracycle; and months of trolling the interwebs for pictures, reviews, anything Xtracycle, my very own Xtracycle is being shipped as of yesterday!! Can you tell how xcited I am?

And kind of like a little initiation into the crew, I also received the stickers I had ordered from cafemama over at One Less Minivan/ Mamabikeorama along with a personal note with words of encouragement.
Cafemama is the ultimate MoBster and you should definitely check out her story (READ: buy some stickers, too). To give you a little insight I will leave you with this wonderful quote...

"I have coined the word "mamabikeorama," and as I write here it is not meant to describe just my own bike with my three boys, the configuration I described. A mamabikeorama is any bicycle that transports parent and child in a manner that is at once liberation and salvation, that gives riders both joy and strength, that will turn heads, give rise to smiles and waves and the occasional shaking fist. Carnival ride and lorry. A magical bike." -cafemama

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  1. FedEx dropped it off this morning!!! I can't wait till SxSW is over and we can get this bad boy on my bike.