19 March 2011

To Market, To Market

We just took our first trip to market (and hopefully the last with our current rig). I had one baby-kid on board. The ride over was pleasant and took about 20 mins. The ride back was a little more difficult. I don't know if it was the load was bigger with all the milk, and frozen meats, etc. Or maybe it was mostly up hill. Could have been because it was the second leg of the trip. I am guessing it's all of the above.
Beatrix really wants to be up on the bike, so I held her on the seat of the bike and we pretended she was riding the bike. Later on while the bike was against a chain-linked fence she climbed her way up to the seat and sat there all by herself. I think she would prefer a rear seat instead of the trailer, I almost think I would too.

My saddle was pretty comfortable during the ride. I didn't have any of the pain in my taint
I normally get, however my tailbone is hurting as I write this blogpost.

My biggest complaint is that my right pant leg was ripped after getting caught in the chain. I must find a solution for that soon.

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